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The fund is totally secure.

The fund is established through the Hindu Heritage Endowment Funds which were established in 1994 by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (Gurudeva) as an instrument to permanently endow Hindu institutions so that no matter what the world’s economic condition, they will continue fulfilling their purpose.

The purpose of the funds is to strengthen Hindu religious and cultural traditions throughout the world with confidence that the funds will be responsibly overseen. By law, even the directors of HHE cannot remove or use the funds for anything other than the fund’s stated purpose. This guards against future generations changing the funds’ original intent and purpose.

Once contributions are put in an endowment fund, they cannot be removed or used for anything other than the fund’s stated purpose. A portion of the investment income is added to the principal, to keep up with inflation, and the balance is used for the project. Contributions are tax-deductible in the USA.


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Help raise $100,000 to clean temples in India, beginning with the Ramananthaswamy Temple in Tamil Nadu.

Over 150 people from around the world have donated to this project.

Status: $21,000 approx
Next Update: shortly
Short term Goal: $25,000

Donate to the Temple Cleaning Project

Donating is very easy, and can be done online. You can choose to donate regularly, or provide a once-only donation.

Any amount is most welcome and will ensure that you are a wonderful and blessed part of the Ramanathaswamy Temple.


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