Donating in Foreign Currencies

Converting to $US from other currencies

The Ramanathaswamy Temple Cleaning Endowment has been established in the US, but you can donate to the fund no matter where you are on our precious planet Earth.

When you make a donation, the form requires  you to specify the donation amount in US dollars.

There is a quick way to estimate the $US value of your local currency – go to http://finance.yahoo.com/currency-converter.  Enter your local currency (e.g. Australian Dollars or Indian Rupee)  in the first box and US Dollars in the second box.

Don’t forget to factor in a credit card charge for exchanging currencies – a percentage of the amount is charged by your bank for foreign currency conversion. The amount varies from bank to bank and ranges between 1% and 8%. If you are not sure of your bank’s charge rate,  factor in around 5%-6%.

An Example

Let’s say that I have $AU100 to donate.

Subtracting 5% in credit card charges leaves $AU95.

Using the yahoo site to convert to US dollars gives $US101.76 (this amount will fluctuate, depending on the current exchange rate – as I write it is $US1.07).

Therefore, if I donate $US101.76 today, at the current exchange rate, approximately $AU100 will appear on my credit card statement.


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Help raise $100,000 to clean temples in India, beginning with the Ramananthaswamy Temple in Tamil Nadu.

Over 150 people from around the world have donated to this project.

Status: $21,000 approx
Next Update: shortly
Short term Goal: $25,000

Donate to the Temple Cleaning Project

Donating is very easy, and can be done online. You can choose to donate regularly, or provide a once-only donation.

Any amount is most welcome and will ensure that you are a wonderful and blessed part of the Ramanathaswamy Temple.


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